Top Digital Marketing agencies in Prague

Prague is one of the greatest business centres in the world, and there are a lot of successful companies in the market sphere. We think its important to celebrate all of the great agencies available in this city. We gathered a list of the top agencies that we think you should know about. 

 App Agent

“App Marketing Agency of the year 2018” winner in App growth awards 2018. This agency is all about the strategies for mobile applications and games. Based in Prague, they also created a lot of startups focused on digital services, such as or They focus on marketing strategies, data analytics, user acquisition, and growth management. If you are working on a new mobile app this should be your go-to company. Another admirable thing is the workshops that App Agent is providing, such as User acquisition or Marketing analytics workshop.



PriceWise is a Prague based startup, that focuses on direct marketing and mailing strategy. They got three awards in 2015 called “Loyalty Awards” from London for the best CRM communication systems. Second, for GoPass, a program designed for the Tatry Mountain resort. The third one is for the best program in central and eastern Europe. They are the pros in loyalty programs, focused on the analysis of customer behaviour, program design, digital registration card, and CRM systems (to name a few). Direct marketing strategies and plan together with the implementation of campaigns goes is the strong side of PriceWise. Their clients are big brands, such as Curaprox, Commercial Bank or Gate. In addition to Prague, they also have a branch office in Slovakia.



A young but strong candidate, that has to get a place in our list, is BrainOne company. They are focused on brand growth, helping in scaling your business, if you’re not sure who your customers are or what they demand, then helps you promote your brand and gather all results. Few of their biggest clients are Nespresso, New Yorker or Heureka


Retro Digital

If you think being retro is kind of an old thing, wait till you read what this Dublin-based agency is all about.  They won an award being in the top 6 small digital marketing agencies in Europe. Besides this, their clients are one of the biggest companies in the world, such as Volvo car, Microsoft, Airbnb or Apple. They are good at multilingual PR, web design, development or branding and their Prague office is in Rybná street. If you click to their “About Us” tab, you can meet their “Stress management team”, which is just adorable.


Fire Media

They were founded as a marketing agency with a big strength in PPC and automation. As a result, in the past few years, they figured out that they would like to help their clients without any risk, so since then, they progressed as a lead generation company with a small team full of professionals. Above all, they started the revolution in two industries: finance and igaming.



Design and technological marketing agency called ManGoweb is a small studio, taking care of websites, mobile apps, and startups. They helped launch the very first bike-sharing company in Prague called Rekola, and helped build a fresh-juices branch office called Goodlok , providing also a delivery (for free!). Between their clients, you can find the best beer brand in the Czech Republic called Pilsner Urquell, Škoda Auto, or coffee’s biggest brand Starbucks. If you are not based in Prague, their second headquarter is based in London.



2Fresh combine design, business, and marketing. They show brands the patterns of their customers’ behaviour and help them develop better products and services. Focus on communication strategies, UX, UI, websites and applications,  and design systems.  2Fresh has been on the market for 12 years and has created 3 startups with 2 offices (one in Prague and one in Bratislava). This agency has also been recognised for creating the best movie poster for an award-winning movie called Burning Bush.



Lundegaard has been in business since 1998. They are helping to expand and streamline their client’s successful businesses through internet and mobile technologies. They focus on increasing sales and customer acquisition, automation and integration, and support sales of a network. They have 3 offices in the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno and Hradec Králové). Also, one in Slovakia and one in Germany.  Their biggest clients are O2, Moneta money bank, and Linde gas.


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