ProductHunt popular vs. new 2.0

ProductHunt popular vs. newest 2.0

In the very first chapter of our ‘Reviews from Disrupt Digital’, we published an article about GrowthHackers and ProductHunt platforms. Today we will focus on the most popular and the new products from ProductHunt. Over the last month, the boom with new applications, software, hardware, and products have been massive. That is why we’re compiling all of these products for you, here, on our blog. Don’t be shy, and let us know if there are any other reviews you would like to see us writing!



What is HotJar all about? It is a conversion rate optimization solution, helping users to understand how their visitors engage and interact with a website. It has all the gadgets which include heatmaps, and full site recordings. In addition, Hotjar allows its visitors to ask questions and give feedback about the experience in order to better understand why they might be leaving or why they aren’t following up.

Overall, we are very impressed with the product. The recordings are addictive, and the heat maps are super useful to understand trends in any users behaviour. It can definitely be used effectively in the hopes of improving conversions. Their customer service is also pretty impressive. You can send a note about any issue with HotJar and expect the response within 2 days: Good and overall impressive job!


Crisp 3.0

If messaging/communications platforms are in your thing, then Crisp cannot be left out of this category. After 2 years of hard work, meet the brand new Crisp 3.0.  Startups are likely to be at home on this platform because it is so easy to use and has a lot going on. It completely redesigned the Crisp app to be better, faster and easier to use. Collaboration on shared conversations is much simpler and is supported with modern design.

Crisp is the definition of a customer-focused platform. Following the progress they have done over the years, we have to say it’s one of the most aspiring company. They keep re-designing themselves by rewriting code each time they feel they need to. It is supported on all mobile devices including tablets.


Shoulder Tap

In your team, you probably use Slack as a communication platform. And as you know, sometimes it is really hard to focus on your tasks with someone constantly interrupting you with questions. Take a step forward and request the newest extension for Slack – presenting the Shoulder Tap! How does it work? It is a simple tool to help you manage requests for your time. Turn random shoulder taps into a queue, and give other team members visibility into how many people are looking for your help at any moment, so they can see how busy you are.

It can really be difficult to communicate and manage your time commitments while working remotely in comparison to working in an office. Shoulder Tap is a fantastic way to manage time within a remote team but also helps to avoid being that person that interrupts someones at their desk 10 times a day (we all know someone like this)!




With n8n everyone can have their own free node-based workflow automation tool. It can be self-hosted, easily extended, and so also used with internal tools. Currently, there is no hosted version but you can sign up on the website if you are interested to get an update once it is ready.
I actually created it because I realized that every time I wrote a script to automate a small task it took me a very long time. So even very small tasks can take at least half a day until everything is up and running properly. What we want to mention the most in that this acts as a hosted solution. People can use n8n without having to set up a server, you just sign up!


If you’re a startup, getting the right answers to many questions can be hard and time-consuming. Almanac is a new “AMA” platform for not only startups but for everyone struggling with their own business. As fans of collaborative products like Figma, Airtable, and Github, it’s great to see the same kind of tools launch for business knowledge and professional development. Almanac is already loaded with hundreds of primo articles covering topics like product management, design, marketing, recruiting, and more. Their tools and templates make it easy to create, copy, and curate documents in your own workspace.

How do Almanac works? Discover docs with a free layer of 500+ tools, templates, and guides created by the talented people in tech. Collaborate on docs with your team, then let others build on your work.



Say goodbye to countless emails and scattered documents all over your computer. Recapped handle everything you need to collaborate on the next steps and communicate with clients. If you work in sales and have to handle complex deals, you know that most of your time is spent chasing stakeholders and managing emails. Introducing Recapped, the first client-facing management platform. Easily collaborate, manage contracts, and chat in real-time. Recapped helps you close deals faster and effortlessly.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of ‘Reviews from Disrupt Digital‘.