How to organize a successful event

If you’re a company like us and you like to organize a lot of events, you want to reach the right people to attend your gathering. It is necessary for a good reputation, good feeling, and your business community. But what are the steps to your successful event?

Should my event be paid or free?

Well, this question prompted us to create this article in the first place. To be free or not to be free?? This is one of the most common questions in hosting a successful event. Free events are easier for people to click attend because they do not really have to commit to anything, and if they forget not to come, nothing happens (for them). Another risk is that people that are not interested in the topic will arrive and this can create a bad environment. You want the right people, a person who wants to be engaged, who can interact and has a bigger chance of coming back. That is why having a paid event could be a clever step forward. It will attract people who are not afraid to spend a few euro/dollars/crowns on your effort in making a good event. Don’t hesitate to put a price on your hard work. Every event is valuable, not easy to organize, so why should you avoid “selling” it?

What is the advantage of a paid event?

The price will assure you, that the event will be visited by relevant people who want to engage, network, and who will most likely buy a ticket for your next event. This is also a kind of insurance, that these people will actually turn up! The amount doesn’t have to be 3 digits, even if the sum is just symbolic, it is something. Studies have shown that even asking a person to commit 1Euro really makes them consider the relevance of the event. Think about it before setting it, discuss with your colleagues, or set up a poll on your Facebook page to find out how many of your followers/fans would be willing to pay. So don’t be afraid to put a price on it!


Be Brief

Write a short description explaining the event. Set up a program, let people know what they can expect, try to provide some interesting information and express the importance of the schedule, but be short!! People don’t like to lose their time over reading something complicated, and most of the time, they just scroll past the whole thing without even giving it attention. And that is exactly what you want to avoid. Be structured, but brief.


If the event takes place in, let’s say, your office, and it is at least an hour-long, don’t forget to prepare some refreshments. People are always thirsty and hungry. Get a carafe of fresh cold water, kettle with coffee, or if you want to spice things up a little bit, a (non-) alcoholic beer. Easy snacks as chips, popcorn (we now avoid pizza) or some sweet snacks are always welcomed, but not necessary. I once ran a startup event with pizza and it ended in carnage! People complained when we ran out and it really interrupted the entire event. People LOVE free pizza!

Invite speakers

This really goes without saying! If you know a professional speaker that would add great value to your event then great, but if not, don’t stress! Quite often, inviting people that are just starting off as speakers or have participated as a mentor in the past, can really add a fresh and different element to the event. We have worked with both. It really depends on your audience and the expertise of the people you are asking to speak. Look at the events they have participated in the past and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

The business world is all about connections, and your networking event can be a big deal for the potential speaker as becoming more visible and having a great new connection. LinkedIn is a very useful platform when looking for the right person.

Promote your event

One of the most important steps on your way to a successful event is its promotion. We are counting on the fact that you already have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn page.  Set up a campaign, boost your event and share it all across social media. Make sure you are targeting the right people. this is a common mistake. Check out the additional section within Facebooks campaign booster where you can delve into your audience’s interests. This will ensure you are reaching people that really want to come! If you have some of your speakers confirmed, ask them to share the event too. Be active in sharing content relating to the event and do not let your hard work slip through your fingers just because of a bad advertisement.

On the other side, there are many platforms to promote your event besides social media. We use  Eventbrite and Eventful, great platforms with many interesting gatherings in your local or worldwide area.

Be organized

“Hi, do you know what is happening, when will the presentation start?” Don’t leave your visitors in the unknown. This will be stressful for you and lead to confusion for them on the day of the event. Although they have read your (brief) event description, they might not remember it. Leave a program somewhere in the space to inform guests about what is going to happen.

Have a photo/video report

For your social media, for your website, or blog, it is always good to catch some content at your event. Don’t make the same mistake we did when hosting our first event – we missed an opportunity to capture content as we were too focused on attendees and speakers that we spread ourselves too thin. Condier hiring a pro for 1 hour of the event. This way you can cut costs and capture content from the most important section. This way, you can post about it for weeks, and encourage other potential visitors to come next time. Live videos or stories on Instagram or Facebook are a must. It acts as instant updates for those that didn’t attend.


It was hard work, you were planning it with your team for weeks, and it is finally here. Do not forget about the most important things of all, and that is to enjoy it. Be present, be communicative, network and engage with others to show your great hospitality.

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