What are GrowthHackers and Product Hunt all about?

GrowthHackers & Product Hunt

Welcome to the first edition of “Review from Disrupt Digital.” Today we will focus on 2 major sites I am sure you are all familiar with, and if not, then keep reading because if you don’t you’re missing out!

We pride ourselves on keeping up with all the latest growth trends here at Disrupt Digital HQ. We have found that a great way to do this is getting involved with all the latest updates from GrowthHackers and Product Hunt. TLDR get on both platforms today!


GrowthHackers is such a diverse website that provides viewers with a wide range of topics. With a clear sense of community throughout the site, it is easy to access a variety of them. You can access topics including “ethical online marketing techniques” and how to take advantage of continual growth. GrowthHackers also offer 3 sections that allow you to develop your growth hacking skills, find answers to questions everyone has asked, or interact with some of the world’s leading marketers, developers, and designers. 


GrowthHackers University

Growth University is a Virtual pass conference where you can get unfiltered insights from some of the fastest-growing companies. Along with information on how to recruit and launch a growth team at an enterprise business. You can even get access to a training course that can make you a certified growth master!


GrowthHackers Q&A

Next, we have GrowthHackers Q&A platform, where you can ask a whole community of people, who are interested in the same areas you,  questions regarding your business growth, such as “what is the best performance marketing platform?” or “has GDPR affected your digital marketing strategy?”. Other various topics are available, and you just sign in for free!


GrowthHackers AMA’s

In my opinion, the most interesting topic is GrowthHackers AMA’s, which means Ask Me Anything. On this page, you can track upcoming sessions so you know in advance and prepare questions. The latest Ama was with Ryan Kulp, the founder of Fomo.com.

GrowthHackers Ask Me Anything

Ryan was asked questions such as the story behind the Fomo.com domain name acquisition along with any recommendations he may have for social media monitoring tools. But, there is so much to discover. Previous AMA’s also include Emília Chagas, CEO at Contentools and Co-Founder of GrowthBoulevard or Dani Hart, Founder of Growth Gal & Former Head of Growth at GrowthHackers. There is so much knowledge being shared, it is impossible to get bored. There is so much more to explore on this amazing website, so go and explore the wide area of growth hacking community by yourself. 


Product Hunt

Product Hunt has all of the applications, websites, hardware, and technology you can imagine and even some you can’t!. You can search by popularity or launch date. They care about your opinion so have integrated the site with a useful voting system for each piece of tech. This page couldn’t be more useful if you’re seeking new products to improve your business, or even just for yourself.  Easily create an alert every time a new product is placed or launched. If you are searching for the latest messaging system that allows easier communication with a team that is scattered across the world, Producthunt will recommend a huge variety of apps to use.

Product Hunt popular

Qwilr helps to create enticing documents, like proposals and presentations. This tool is perfect for any freelance that may not have design skills. We’ve found various freelancers to be interested in how easy it is to design a page without needing experience.

The ‘Document Generator’ will save your exact time. By filling out a few fields, you’ll automatically personalize a various number of business documents that are all consistent in design and share the same branding. An added bonus is that you get direct access to documents that can be signed on the spot!

Popular vs. Newest on ProductHunt

ProductHunt newest

Using a modular web design system, Froala Pages offers a fast, easy way for users to create and edit web content. Choose from the standardized versions available or customize your own web content. Include a page building experience in your app without reinventing the wheel.

With the Froala Design Builder tool, you have all the building blocks you could ever need. Edit the content and then download the HTML. Easy!


It doesn’t stop there with GrowthHackers and Product Hunt platforms…if you are a startup and are searching for new contacts, or you just want to explore what other startups are doing, this is the easiest way to do it. Simply click to follow.