Recent Updates for Facebook – did you know?

Social media development has always been a priority for us. We work across various platforms with our clients so it is imperative that we can communicate any updates as well as being able to adjust strategies to implement such changes. Facebook is often referred to as the “social media giant of our generation” with 1.56 billion daily users and 2.38 billion monthly users. Working with this platform can be tricky at times usually because of the algorithm updates along with pretty poor customer service but, that’s is why we are here! Today, we will check out some of the updates we were most excited above.

Organic Targeted Posts

We were really surprised t see this feature return but then we delved a little deeper and realised its not the same feature we thought it was. This might be a future focus for many of us, but for those of you that have reached this status or are just curious, then keep reading! A new initiative will give pages with more than 10,000 followers the ability to access the ever-elusive organic reach…but, only for top fans. Use this for extremely targeted outreach.  This can also be used to create a community of ‘pollinators’. The idea here is that they will spread the word of any developments of your startup. Organic targeted posts have come at a time when there should be a focus on community building for every business regardless of its size. 

Mobile Content

It only feels like yesterday when we were pestering clients to ensure that their websites were mobile-enabled along with also explaining the importance of creating mobile content. And today, we are at it again! Recent updates to the Facebook Algorithm now means that mobile content will be compressed which allows users to scroll content much easier than ever before. While this is great for users (and we are all users) it is slightly inconvenient to have to update all existing visual assets to ensure your content is getting maximum exposure. 

Click-to-messenger ads

Ads, ads, ads! While we complain about ads from other businesses, you have got to admit that ad placement is important for us all. This is another type of ad that carries value for your startup on Facebook. These ads consist of sponsored messages using a form of retargeting that allowing you to reach users in Messenger who have already interacted with our Messenger ad. These ads are shown to users on Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed, and Messenger Inbox. When a user clicks or taps on the ad, a conversation with you will immediately open in the Messenger app. These are more highly qualified leads, and Facebook allows you a nifty away message can’t be at messenger to respond to them immediately.

Custom Audience Reach

I remember when issues were first reported about this feature in 2018. It was then subsequently removed but thankfully the bug has now been fixed and it is back in action. This is a feature I was really excited to see returning. This is where you can really targeted results when creating campaigns. When you upload custom audiences, you’ll be able to see the estimated number of people within that audience that you could potentially connect with. This will save so much time and budget spend. I would recommend checking out this feature and spending some time getting back to grips with it to ensure the success of your campaigns!


Events are popping up everywhere in big cities with more and more Coworking, shared office space and incubators being created. Knowing how to use the events option on Facebook with really enure that you have a successful event and likely have more successful events in the future. We were intrigued by the offer of better reporting and targeting within messenger specifically for events. Facebook’s targeting for events is particularly useful when targeting people based on their behaviours and specific interests or living in certain areas. While this is not necessarily something new, there have been improvements made across the board.

If there are updates you would like to see us review or ask if we have experience using it, then please do not be a stranger and say hi in the comments section below!