Social Media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Facebook, Twitter & IG remain some of the largest, most used social media platforms in the world. We have dedicated a lot of time to creating growth strategies with these platforms at the very center. However, there are times we struggle with ‘bugs’ & poor UX which doesn’t seem to hinder any platforms popularity.

While this is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms, dealing with so many users can lead to a lot of issues. This is one of the main platforms we use for clients so we are well versed in the annoyances. Mostly recently. we have run into some issues with the recommended size of images used for posting articles. This may seem minor in the grand scheme of things but if you are posting from your own blog you may need to adjust the feature image size on all articles in order for them to fit correctly.

Some advise for Facebook;
1. Be prepared when you contact the help center. Have all the information you need. There system is automated so if you get through to a human they will have limited time.
2. Keep up to date with any changes in their algorithms. Don’t waste time perusing something that no longer works.

Twitter puts the media in social media. There are some parts of Twitter that we find constantly frustrating. Take adding a poll to your tweet, for example. This is a great idea, however, we’ve run into a few issues. One being, there is a limited choice of answer types. Twitter displays the option to add numerous answers but this quite often does not work. Meaning you may have to rethink your poll depending on Twitter’s mood. Also, if you want to pay for your ads, you better have some patience as setting up the payment system can also lead to some issues. Be prepared for a couple of failed attempts.

Some advise for Twitter;
1. Go easy following other people. Try to maintain a ratio of 60:40. You should have more followers than you are following.
2. Do not get carried away with retweeting. It can clog up your news feed & can be flagged an ‘automated behavior’.

Visual, visuals & more visuals, #visuals. The ever elusive IG, is a minefield. You get penalized for for sharing too many single pictures which is why the portfolio style of posting numerous pictures at once has become so popular. IG users can be ruthless & un-follow you for this faux pas. Keep your page tidy and remove any images with low engagement. For many of us that use multiple platforms, a scheduling tool is pretty useful. It is understandable. But, not with Instagram. It is a temperamental beast & will often not work. This has changed quiet a lot over the past 5 years however, ensure you test the tool.

Some advise for IG;
1. 99.9% mobile-based platform so keep that in mind when you are posting.
2. Over “hash-tagging” #is #a #trend #that #has #continued #for #years.  4 # IS THE MAXIMUM! Don’t just # random  words. These little things are a really useful form of analytics.

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